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MD census 2018


The Department of Health has been conducting a census of selected health care providers every two years as part of their relicensing since 1994. This has allowed us to monitor changes in Vermont’s health care workforce. These findings have been used in the State Health Plan, the Health Resources Allocation Plan, and the designation of underserved areas.
In 2013, the Legislature enacted a law to make work force data collection mandatory for all health care professions at license renewal as a necessary part of health care reform and planning for our health care future. This information is very important if we are to accurately assess the current situation and predict the need for health care providers in Vermont.
These questions should take 5 - 10 minutes to complete.  When you click the "submit" button, you will have completed the census.  Thank you for your participation.

Please enter only the last part of your Vermont MD license number, without leading zeros. For example, license number 042-0012304 would be entered as 12304.

Enter your date of birth without leading zeros for month and day, and with a 4-digit year, separated by slashes. For example, January 2, 1970 would be entered as 1/2/1970.

If you have trouble logging in, or have any questions about the workforce census, please send an email to, or call 802-863-7300 or (inside Vermont) 1-800-869-2871. For questions about relicensing, call 802-657-4223.
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